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Morning Course

Learn language and explore the culture

Why Choose Us?
On our German course, you will learn authentic language through listening and reading activities with an emphasis on functional uses. The classes also focus on speaking, pronunciation and reading and written communication.

During the 6-week course, you will explore a variety of interesting topics, at the same time as improving your ability to communicate in German.

  - Small class 6-10 students

  - Individual support

  - Top quality

  - Low fee ​

Class times are from 9:30 am to 12:00 am, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Class Level
Our classes all start at every level, and we also offer courses at different times, such as afternoon, evening, and weekend. After completing one level, students would progress to the next level which lasts for another 6 weeks.

Teacher Profile

Born and grow up in Germany, he obtains a master's degree with scholarships. Articles published on nationwide media. TV editor and presenter. 8 Years worked as a German teacher. Lecturer at Goethe, and LCD training.


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