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Online German Course

Why choose us?

On our German course, you will learn authentic language through listening and reading activities with an emphasis on functional uses. The classes also focus on speaking, pronunciation and on reading and written communication.

You will explore a variety of interesting topics, at the same time as improving your ability to communicate in German.

Class level

Our classes all start at every level, and we also offer courses at different times, such as afternoon, evening, and weekend

One level has a minimum 80 lessons

Course Aim

  • To develop the ability to use German effectively for purposes of practical communication at a basic level in familiar domestic, work and social contexts.

  • To establish the skills, language and attitudes required to promote and facilitate further study of German. To acquire basic literacy.

  • To master the pronunciation of German sounds.

  • To have basic knowledge of grammatical gender, word-formation, word-order in the sentence.

  • To deal with a range of predictable simple language tasks using a limited range of language to meet the needs of differing but familiar situations and topics.

  • To familiarise students with the background to German speaking countries, including culture and civil societies.

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